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Company Profile

PEGO Group history

      Basic foundation: PEGO Mould Co., Ltd. - founded in December 2000
      Injection business: since 2004 - founded PEGO Technology Co., Ltd. in 2007
      Mould base business : since 2009 - founded PEGO Metal Co., Ltd. in May 2017
      OEM business: since 2014. Manufacture travel luggage, suitcase made from carbon fiber

Group general profile

      4 divisionalizations of business: mould engineering & mould making; mouldbase manufacturing; injection & part surface treatment & assembly; OEM products.
      Building area: 26.000 ©O workshop, 6.000 ©O apartment for employees.
      Total employees:  about 500 persons (June 2017)
          a. mould business: 230 persons, more than 40  engineers (6 experts
             speak English, half of them can read English), 5 profesional
             managers, 2 injection professors to support mould trial.
          b. mouldbase business: 150 persons,10 programmer engineers,
             2 mould technical engineers for technical support .
          c. injection business: 100 persons, 4 technical engineers,
             2 professional managers,5 quality assure & control staffs.
             6 persons only for mold trial .  
          d. OEM, 13 persons.  


Group main business

Full chain service to plastic injection mould

1. Mould engineering & mold design: support customer for parts DFMI report,
    improve part design, moldflow professional report, mould design.
2. Mould making:
    a. whole set mould design & building.
    b. only mould inserts making base on customer mould design datas.
3. Mouldbase manufacturing:
    a. customer submit mouldbase design datas, we do all mouldbase
        machining job including plates steel purchasing.
    b. special service to make solid cavity building, including cavity finish
        machining: fine CNC machining, electrodes making and EDM machining .
    c. only for big size cavity inserts finish machining, PEGO source steel or
        client supply steel is acceptable.
4. Injection parts ,  assembly for plastic components, parts printing,
    painting (sub-contract).
5. OEM products:
    a. travel luggage products, from carbon fiber.
    b. other products, automotive components, IT products, food package
        products. we can do  mold making, injection, assembly, packing, delivery
        to all over the world.


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